Community Health Education

The Community Health Education Program is planned, developed, and implemented to provide health education services that meet the health educational needs of Fort Peck Tribal members, through the program planning, community development, and educational training activities process.

The Community Health Educator plans a culturally sensitive health education program to promote a better understanding of the health education and practices of the Fort Peck Service Unit.

The Tribal Health Director, with direct supervision of the Tribal Council, is administratively responsible for project / contract compliance.

It is the goal of the Fort Peck Tribes for the Fort Peck Tribal Health Depatment to administer a prevention-based community health education program, which will be receptive to the health education needs of the Service Unit population on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. The primary goals of the Health Education Program are:

1. Increase the knowledge and awareness of the nature of disease, and how it can be reduced.

2. Develop Tribal leadership in the assumption of responsibility of health education matters.

3. Increase the awareness and knowledge of individuals to practice behaviors which prevent disease.

4. Increase the interaction by patients and their families in the effective management of disease across the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation spectrum

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