Environmental Health

The activities of this program are designed to plan, organize, initiate, maintain and evaluate a Tribal Environmental Health Program, which will protect American Indian Health and their environment as determined by the Fort Peck Tribes.

This program is designed to satisfy the needs of the Fort Peck Tribes and supply them with a comprehensive program addressing the areas of air quality, food protection, hazardous substances and product safety, housing, institutional health and safety, recreational areas and waters, solid waste management, pest control, water quality, water supply, sewage treatment, home and surveillance, and injury prevention.

The staff will promote and enforce Tribal Laws and Regulations designed to ensure protection of American Indian Health and their environmental areas.

The department will function as an enforcement-advisory agency of the Fort Peck Tribes, and will be responsible for evaluating current environmental conditions, assessing resources, developing priorities for action, establishing specific program activities, and evaluating program effectiveness under the direction of the Tribal Health Director and Tribal Executive Board.

Phone Number: (406) 768-3491 ext. 4414