Health Nutrition

The Health Nutrition Program provides the services of a licensed nutritionist for local agency menu planning, individual consultation, health assessment and the WIC Program.

With the increasing number of diabetic and renal dialysis patients, the nutrition program will continue to be a key factor in improving the overall health of the Fort Peck Reservation. Emphasis is placed on pre / postnatal nutritional education / service.

The Health Nutrition Program, integrated into all aspects of health promotion, prevention of disease and services for treatment and rehabilitation, will form an essential component of the program for the Fort Peck Indian people.

Primary Goals of the Health Nutrition Program

Identification of nutritional needs of individuals, family and community.

Assessment of nutritional status and food practices of individuals and groups.

Implementation of health planning based on individual and family nutrition needs and community profiles.

Provision of nutrition services in primary care.

Technical assistance, consultation and training for health professional and community groups.

Collect adequate data to evaluate the effectiveness of services provided on the individual, family, and reservation community.

Meet professional and quality assurance standards for nutritional care.

Provide dietary counseling and assessment as required by Federal and State guidelines for End Stage Renal Program.

Coordinate Dialysis Nutrition Program for the reservation as planned by the Dialysis Interdisciplinary Team.

Phone Number: (406) 768-3491 ext. 4351